Sewing my boys fall wardrobe using Brindille&Twig sewing patterns

November 2, 2016

Hi, my sewing friends! How are You doing this fall? Actually we finally welcomed the first snow here in Latvia, so the winter is so close. Lately I spend my busy days with my children and sewing for my both boys because they are growing so fast and their clothes need to be changed into bigger sizes so quickly. I try to find some time for myself too – reading some books, drinking some hot drinks and enjoying the silence while my youngest son naps.

But today I wanted to share with you some of my boys fall clothing I made while ago using Bridille&Twig sewing patterns. First pattern I used from Brindille&Twig was free hooded raglan sweatshirt pattern. It’s very easy to make and you can quickly make this sweetshirt using just serger. I sewed two sweatshirts for my baby boy, one with hood and one without the hood and I skipped the pocket detail. He already worn them a lot and soon will be grown out of these, so I will definitely make more of these.

The one with this amazing woodland pattern is made from french terry I bought from MissMatatabi Etsy shop. I love this fabric print with trees, rabbits, foxes, mushrooms and deer.

hoodie_brindille_and_twig_5 hoodie_brindille_and_twig_6


hoodie_brindille_and_twig_2 hoodie_brindille_and_twig_1

Fox hoodie is also made from french terry I bought from Unfortunately they don’t have this fabric anymore. But you can find really great selection of knit cuff fabrics in this shop.

After I shared these hoods on my Facebook page, one of my clients also wanted one for her little girl with foxy print. So we decided to add the frills for more girly look and I think it become really cool. And I love these fancy stitches I sewed on to add the frill to the hoodie.

The second pattern I used from Brindille&Twig is hood zip coverall. This pattern is meant to sew from stretch material but I used almost nonstretch fabric – organic fleece backed fabric from Organic Textile Company which is almost nonstretch (only little bit of stretch). I did not make any alterations, but If you use fleece I suggest you to widen the sleeves and legs. My boy is quite heavy and for him this coverall was little bit skinny.

hood_zip_coveral_brindille_and_twig_3 hood_zip_coveral_brindille_and_twig_2 hood_zip_coveral_brindille_and_twig_1

My baby boy worn this grey coverall when he was 3-5 month old and this is already passed by to my friend’s baby.

hood_zip_coveral_brindille_and_twig_9 hood_zip_coveral_brindille_and_twig_8 hood_zip_coveral_brindille_and_twig_7 hood_zip_coveral_brindille_and_twig_6 hood_zip_coveral_brindille_and_twig_5 hood_zip_coveral_brindille_and_twig_4

For big brother I sewed this with Bat man applique. He is big Hero fan so I thought he will like it, but unfortunately he don’t wear it :(.

hood_zip_coveral_brindille_and_twig_10 hood_zip_coveral_brindille_and_twig_11

Pattern used: Brindille&Twig

Woodland print french terry fabric from MissMatatabi

Foxy print fabric from

Great selection off knit cuff fabrics found at

My most loved fleeced backed organic cotton from Organic Textile Company

Pilot hat and baby bib seen on pictures from PUPAforkids

Do you sew for your kids? What is on your sewing table?

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