Japanese inspired origami kimono cardigan

October 16, 2016

Japanese inspired handmade cardigan

Happy Sunday, everyone! It’s been already 2 month since I launched my new sewing blog and since my last blog post. I am little bit shame and feeling guilty that I own you some new posts. But it was so BIG work for me to built this new blog and after every hard work we own some time off and relax. I can’t tell you that I was relaxing these 2 month, I wish I could! My little boy is getting older (already 8.5 month old, where time flies!)  and demand so much attention, so I have only little time for sewing each day.

Today I will show you one of my last makes – Japanese inspired kimono jacket.  I made it at the end of the August and have already wear it a lot. It was my everyday outfit in the middle of seasons when the summer changed to the autumn. I wore it much on September when the air was still warm but little bit chill at the same time. It’s the best to pull on top of the simple tank. My cardigan jacket is made of blush pink double knit fabric and I love how it looks together with black.

japanese_inspired_kimono_cardigan kimono_origami_jacket_4 kimono_origami_jacket_5 kimono_origami_jacket_7


I wanted to sew a kimono jacket for a long time! I gathered information on Pinterest and waited for the right time to work for my own. To make this kimono origami cardigan I inspired by XXY jacket and Pattern Puzle pattern instructions. I made my own pattern on a base on self drafted free silhouette jacket block. I followed  some guides from Pattern Puzle instruction and did some experiments on paper. Almost all cardigan is sewn with overclock machine and only facing and decorative collar is sewn with sewing machine. Hem is attached by self-adhesive interfacing band. At the begging I tried to sew it with hand stitches, but they where visible from the right side so I better chose to iron the self-adhesive interfacing band I already had at home.

Kimono jacket pattern prototype

In this photo you can spy behind the seams on my cardigan

kimono_origami_jacket_10 kimono_origami_jacket_9

Pattern: Self drafted

Fabric: Double knit from my fabric stash.

Inspiration: XXY and Pattern Puzzle

I know this is not my last kimono jacket! I already dreaming about some in linen or other woven fabric with batting between for colder month. Maybe some quilt inspired jacket. How about You? What kind of jackets are you in love lately?

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