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My name is Zanda Baha and I am passionate about sewing and all things creative. I am designer, pattern maker and sewer for my clothing line ZanziBach. I also make my own handmade wardrobe and clothes for my two boys.  This year I felt like I want to share my sewing and pattern making knowledge and skills with sewing community.

Are you passionate sewist who loves to learn new sewing skills?

Or you are a novice who are dying to learn to sew?

Are you lover of  handmade clothes, natural textiles, quality and timeless clothing?  

That is awesome! We have much in common. So let me learn something new for you!

In this blog, I will show you:

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About Zanda Baha


I am a wife and mother of two amazing boys age 5 years and under 1 year, and based in Latvia, small European country by the Baltic sea. Handicrafts and sewing is my passion from childhood. I am creative person in heart, but somehow I graduated faculty of Information technologies not sewing. I’ve been employed in real estate and information technologies for 9 years. I did it very well, but it wasn’t my dream job. While I was working my day job I  was selfish seamstress and wrote my first sewing blog My Creative side. By that time I graduated sewing and pattern drafting courses to increase my knowledge of sewing.  After our first son came into our family, I decided to start selling my handmade kids clothing on Etsy. I opened my ZanziBach kids clothing shop back in 2013 when I started to follow my dreams and have a work that I love and passionate about.

While sewing for my clothing shop I missed the selfish sewing.  When my second son was born in the start of this year I took a little break from my shop and started to sew for myself again. For me sewing is quite time for myself, it is passion, sewing is meditative. If you feel the same or you want to get cough by this feeling I invite you to read my blog and get inspired and learn to sew with me! I am here to share my sewing and pattern drafting skills with you and chat about sewing.

About ZanziBach clothing line

ZanziBach offers collection of affordable and timeless clothing for kids and women from natural and durable fabrics: linen, organic cotton and Liberty of London. ZanziBach clothing silhouettes are simple, always functional and comfortable handmade in height quality.  I make all the way from pattern making to sewing. I draw patterns, go chase the best fabrics and sew all parts together till a unique garment. As a mother of two I always keep the needs of little children in mind: comfort, easy to wear, breathable materials and color. Check all amazing clothing collection here.

Story about the ZanziBach name

ZanziBach is a mysterious character, created by my father during my childhood. He created some characters by telling stories to my sister and me (also to frighten us a little bit). Zanzibaks and Parababiks are two of those characters. I chose the name ZanziBach, inspired by the character Zanzibaks and my first and last name Zanda Baha. It is connected to my own childhood and great for the next generation of children.
ZanziBach is mysterious, playful, always in for adventures and most of all a children friend!


What kind of sewing machine do you use?

I sew with JUKI HZL-F600, PFAFF coverlock 4852. I own also sewing machine PFAFF Select 4.0 (it is amazing machine I sewed with several years, but It needs a new pedal now).

How did you learn to sew?

I learned to sew when I was teenager (Aww it gets me sewing already about 20 years) on a borrowed sewing machine from Burda magazines and lot of trials an errors. Later I graduated sewing and pattern drafting courses and it opened the world to me. Now I am able to design the clothes of my dreams.

What is your style?

My style is kind of mix of feminine, romantic, vintage inspired, natural, simple and shick boho. Sounds crazy, yes :)! I love 30s and 70s dresses and skirts and I have Japanese influence of my style.

What materials you sew with?

In the last years I got serious love about linen fabric so you will find me lot of sewing with linen. I also love Liberty Art Fabrics, boho and flower prints, Ikat fabrics and lace. Usually I use natural materials in my projects, but you will find me sewing also with mix fabrics if I will addicted on a print or fabric feel. I love to mix different fabrics and textures.

What is your top secret to make beautiful garment?

I am a bit of perfectionist. I love perfect seams and iron is my second friend after my sewing machines. So, if you want really good quality item, please be friend with your iron!!!

Do you accept custom orders?

You can request custom order based on the similar garments I offer in my shop. I can also make something special for you only if our style matches and if I will be interested in such kind of project.